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September 12, 2005

More 1600x1200 Wallpapers


Dieselstation is another great archive of very high quality wallpapers of some amazing cars. Be sure to check it out!


Heel-and-Toe Shifting

If you have heard of the term "heel-and-toe" downshift before, but you've never known what it means, you've come to the right place. It is the mission of this article to make you a heel-and-toe master, a proverbial Jackie Chan of downshifts.

A heel-and-toe downshift refers to a specific technique used to downshift a manual transmission car. It might seem bizarre to the general populace, but racecar drivers use it all the time. Once mastered, the heel-and-toe downshift offers the benefits of reduced vehicle wear-and-tear, better driver control and faster lap times on a racetrack.

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Wrecked Exotics

Welcome to the internet's largest collection of exotic car crash photos. We display over 6,000 wrecked exotic cars to show you the real consequences of reckless driving.

These car crash pictures involve some of the most expensive automobiles ever produced including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren F1, Bugatti and more. All in all, you'll find almost a quarter of a Billion Dollars worth of damage within this car crash collection. That's enough to make any insurance company weep.

Wrecked Exotics

Volkswagen Eos

Just 18 months after the concept C study made its much lauded debut at the Geneva Automobile Salon, Volkswagen now presents the series version of its new convertible coupe in the form of the Eos. This is the world's first four-seater car with a five-section CSC roof; the folding hard top combines the characteristics of a coupe, sliding and convertible roof. When closed, the CSC roof curves in an arc between the rear end and the windscreen, giving rise to an outstanding coupe roof which is both elegant and sporty. The roof's curve is elongated, the rear end muscular and the overall impression is one of high quality. Equally important: When the roof is open, the Eos also clearly shows that it has been specifically developed as a convertible coupe.

Full Article courtesy of VWVortex

September 9, 2005

2007 Mitsubishi Evo

The 2007 Mitsubishi Evo X is expected to be a completely revamped version of the Evo we all know and have come to respect. The 2007 Mitsubishi Evo X. The 2007 Evo X is expected to be powered by a 2.0L turbo charged motor pushing out just over 300 horsepower.

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Car Tinting Laws

Confused about the tinting laws in your state? Want to see how different levels of tint will look on your ride? Autowindowtintings.com provides a nice tool that allows you to choose between various combinations of front and rear tints. It also shows that states the chosen combination is legal in. A great reference for modders.

Auto Window Tinting

Internet Movie Car Database

You rely on IMDB to find all the information you'd ever want to know about pretty much every film ever made. Now you can find information about every car ever featured in a movie! Check out Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDB) to see all the cars that have been in movies in the past. A very extensive and intertesting site for both car and movie buffs alike.


September 8, 2005

Jay Leno offers Harley on ebay for Katrina relief

In an effort to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” will once again partner with Harley-Davidson to have celebrity guests sign a motorcycle that will be auctioned on eBay. Beginning on September 6, guests who will hopefully add their signatures to the motorcycle include Samuel L. Jackson, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Matthew McConoughey, Donald Trump, Denis Leary, Benjamin Bratt, Chris Rock, Jennifer Garner, Nicollette Sheridan, Jessica Alba, Ellen DeGeneres, Bon Jovi, Dolly Parton and many more, including surprise walk-ons.

Jay Leno's Harley

Honda Motorcyles to have airbags

TOKYO (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co. on Thursday unveiled the world's first airbag system to be mounted on a production model motorcycle, with plans to offer it on the new Gold Wing touring bike to hit U.S. showrooms next spring.

The airbag module is built in between the bike's handles and activates when four crash sensors detect a severe frontal collision, creating a buffer as the rider is flung forward on impact.

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Apple Mac Mini's tiny footprint and powerful technology makes it perfect for installation in a car. For roughly $500 and some technical know-how, you can turn your car into a mobile multi-media powerhouse. MacVroom is a site that details every aspect of this new fad. The site features how-to's and a gallery of submitted vehicles that have installed Mac Mini's for various purposes. Install your own mac mini in the glove box and a lcd screen on the dash to enjoy a dvd or itunes visualizations on that long drive.


Car Configurator

Want to tune your car but don't have the cash to buy the top-of-the-line parts? Maybe you want to see how some new shiny wheels would look on your car before you make the investment? Look no further. Car Configurator is a excellent flash applet that allows you to customize one of six cars. You can modify everything from wheels and paint to suspension. Give it a try and make some your dreams a reality!

Car Configurator

High Resolution Car Wallpaper

Car-desktop.com has an amazing collection of high-resolution wallpapers for your computer desktop. Most the images are 1600x1200, making them perfect for even the largest of displays. Check out this site for a huge collection of great cars.


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